Australia & New Zealand

At a time when physical travel and in-person contact has been largely replaced by online services and communications, CRC Public Relations has established online consultancy anywhere across Australia, and even internationally. There is almost nothing we can’t do remotely through phone, video and email.

Pacific & Global

We regularly deal with media and clients on every continent and can operate across all times zones. At a small extra cost we are even able to access interpreter and translation services covering over 150 languages and dialects, 24/7 all around the world. This includes over the phone interpreting, video conference and call interpreting, and written translation of strategy documents, media releases, emails and other correspondence.

Media Training

Media training is available online across Australia and internationally. Online media training is an excellent investment in this current time and we customise the training to your individual needs. You won’t just learn skills; you’ll better understand the media, which leads to long term results.


Crisis Communications plans

We can develop a workable, simple and practical crisis communications plan that will ensure you and your team are ready when you are faced with an issue or crisis that could create serious damage to your reputation, revenue and future viability. This can easily be done through video, phone and online.