A major issue or crisis that generates negative publicity can damage – and sometimes destroy – a reputation. We assist you to prevent crises, prepare “working” practical crisis communications plans, and coordinate effective responses and strategies during issues and crises.

We are leaders in crisis communications. We’ve walked with our clients through high profile public issues across Australasia and internationally, and our strategies have assisted many others to avoid adverse publicity altogether, or turn negative situations into positive outcomes.

In times of stress, our “outside” advice and calmness under pressure is vital.


Crisis Communications Services

Crisis Prevention Consultancy

Most crises are preventable. We help you assess the risks to your reputation, seek the expertise required to avoid potential issues, communicate your actions to your stakeholders (building trust in your brand) and train your staff to be a vital part of the crisis prevention strategy.

Crisis Communications Coordination
We are your guiding force through an incident, issue or crisis – managing, coordinating, directing – ensuring your reputation is protected. From dealing with the media, to social media, employee and other stakeholder communication, we will walk with you 24/7, anytime, anywhere.
Crisis Communications Plans
We can develop a workable, simple and practical crisis communications plan that will ensure you and your team are ready when you are faced with an issue or crisis that could create serious damage to your reputation, revenue and future viability.
Media Training
Preparation is the key to success, and your key spokespeople must be trained in advance to not only understand how the media works, but how to communicate effectively through an issue or crisis, including how to handle hostile situations. It’s too late once an issue hits the headlines, because in the new social media age, crises unfold in real time.