Media Training.

Dealing with the media can be intimidating. Even one erroneous comment by a spokesperson can be devastating to an organisation’s reputation. The most eloquent and confident speakers and leaders can falter when a microphone or TV camera is thrust in front of them. However, in this new media world it is increasingly likely that at some stage most companies and organisations will find themselves having to talk to the media.

Preparation is the key to both being able to effectively present your message and respond to issues that arise unexpectedly. Company spokespeople should be equipped with the skills needed to handle any question or situation. Formal media training is an excellent investment and can mean the difference between keeping your reputation intact or damaging the company brand.

It will help you to understand the media and be prepared for any pubic issue or interview, so that you can achieve the desired outcome every time.

CRC Public Relations offers a unique style of media training – customised to the needs of each client and supported by a deep understanding of reputation and issues management, and crisis communications. Our media training combines the expertise of television and radio journalists with decades of experience, and public relations professionals. We don’t just give you the skills – we help you to better understand the media, which leads to longer term results.

The CRC Public Relations media training difference

Our training is always done with two instructors – a PR and crisis communications expert and a senior broadcast journalist. This is VITAL to effective training because training without understanding STRATEGY is a waste of time and money. Because we are a public relations and crisis communications company, we will not only provide the skills required to do a media interview, but we will assist those being trained to UNDERSTAND the PR objectives behind the training. We have walked with companies through a myriad of issues and bring this experience into the sessions.


Online media training available

Online media training is an excellent investment in this current time and we customise the training to your individual needs. You won’t just learn skills; you’ll better understand the media, which leads to long term results.