CRC Public Relations


In this new media and activist age, companies and organisations are more vulnerable than ever before. You must communicate effectively with your internal and external stakeholders, be aware of areas of vulnerability, protect and defend your reputation, be prepared for a crisis, and deal with issues and crises when company, executive or personal reputations are at risk.

Whether you need some simple advice, desire to build your profile, create a communications plan and strategy, are facing a potentially complex issue, or understand the need to prepare for a future issue or crisis, we are your adviser and advocate – we believe in you.

About Us

CRC Public Relations is a boutique corporate PR company serving Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific region.

Being ’boutique and personal’ means that unlike many PR companies, at CRC Public Relations you’ll deal directly with senior and experienced PR and crisis communications strategists who take a genuine, long-term interest in your organisation. We take your needs and your success personally, and we have your back.

Our senior team have decades of experience across the public relations, crisis communications, journalism, and broadcast media sectors. As well as working alongside leading companies and non-profit organisations on every continent, we’ve advised senior executives, politicians, governments, industry groups, celebrities, and sporting figures.

We are trusted to provide strategic advice and hands-on assistance in the areas of corporate communications, media strategy, issues and reputation management, media training, and crisis communications.

We are available by phone or video link anywhere, anytime. 

Our team


We assist you to effectively communicate to those who need to hear your message – internal and external.


We help avoid damage to your reputation by assessing vulnerabilities and ramifications and keeping your message on track.


We guide you through a major issue or crisis to minimise the impact, and help you to be crisis-prepared.

Our Mission

To promote, protect and be advocates for our clients.

To stand with them 24/7, proactively helping them grow and work with them to weather the storm through times of crisis.

To provide objective, honest advice to clients that serve their best interests and helps meet their objectives.

To always be looking ahead on behalf of our clients, helping them to identify vulnerabilities, minimise risks, and protect their reputation, brand, values, and revenue.